Halloween Is Here! - This Week In RuneScape

Halloween Is Here! - This Week In RuneScape

Halloween is back at Draynor Manor, with a new miniquest and even more creepy cosmetics for brave skillers! Plus we’ve got free deaths in Fresh Start Worlds, an update to our policy on fan fiction and more…

Event: Halloween
Spooky season is upon us!

Halloween is here and things are getting a little freaky down at Draynor Manor! From a new miniquest to creepy activities with skeletons and cauldrons there’s plenty to get your fangs into from October 24th to November 6th.

Just like last year you can take on miniquests and then train your skills in a variety of haunting activities in the Manor grounds, earning you Spooky Tokens and allowing you to build your collection of Halloween cosmetics. There are now 20 items to acquire, including two brand new additions!

What's New This Year?

We've added a fang-tasting new miniquest which follows Fame as she investigates Vampyres! Complete it for the Vampyric Regalia Outfit.

Plus, we’ve added two new cosmetics – the Death's Death Mask and the Renegade Armour cosmetic override set – and brought back the Web Cloak!

We're also giving you some handy buffs to help you complete each activity more efficiently. They're called BOOsts and you can get them at the Spooky Reward Shop!

What Else Is In The Event?

  • Five different activities to train a variety of Skills, each with their own miniquest!
  • Spooky Reward Shop with 20 Halloween-y cosmetics to earn through gameplay!
  • Spooky Time XP bonuses for Halloween activities (giving up to 14% additional boost if you complete all the miniquests)!

How To Play

Head to Draynor Manor and speak to the various horrible hosts for each activity. Just like everything we release, the Halloween event is available for players in Fresh Start Worlds. Check out our Halloween newspost for all the details: Here!

TH: Grim Harvest
Includes Purple Halloween Mask, Wraith Walk and more!

Treasure Hunter: Grim Harvest is back on Thursday October 27th! This year it’s all about masks, with three ghastly face coverings to grab - the Boolap Bag, Spooky Hare and Spooky Ghost masks! All of them can be found in token form through the Harvest Bonus.

There’s also a Very Rare Reward to look out for – it's a new riff on the Halloween Masks of old, the tradeable Purple Halloween Mask! You have a chance to find this Mask with any key used in Grim Harvest.

Plus, every key used provides H'Oddments which you can use in the seasonal store to claim goodies like the Wraith Walk Override Token and past rewards from Count Yakula’s Yak Track!

Fresh Start Worlds Week 5
Free Deaths until the end of FSW!

In the appropriate Halloween spirit, Death has decided to grant a little festive mercy to all you fresh starters – he’s abolished death costs in Fresh Start Worlds from now on!

We've also opened up those Tier 3 Auras to help you on your way. Here's this week's bonuses in full:

  • +100% XP (skills below level 70).
  • +75% XP (skills above level 70).
  • NEW: Free Deaths
  • 25% chance to gather double materials.
  • NEW: Tier 3 Auras unlocked.
  • +50% Accuracy in combat.

Multi-Account Support
Another update for the Jagex Launcher!

Following the release of the Mac Beta Client, we've added another exciting update to the Jagex Launcher over the past week – well hello there multi-account support!

Now you can authenticate multiple accounts with the Launcher and flip between them through a super-simple drop-down menu. And thanks to the security of the Launcher, as long as you haven't been inactive for over 30 days, it can all be done at the press of a button with no login credentials required anytime you switch!

This is another step towards our utimate goal of a single secure Jagex account covering all your different characters. We'll keep you updated on our progress as we go!

Not using the Launcher yet? You can try it for yourself and check out the FAQ right here!

Fan Content Policy
Updates based on your feedback

Back in July we published our Fan Content Policy – a document designed to give you confidence about what you can and can't create without permission.

We saw some really positive feedback about this from most of our creative communities, but for fan fiction writers, it's clear the policy limitations around word count could impact the creativity of some of the more prolific writers among you!

So, we've released an updated version of the policy has been published today where section 4.1.4 now reads:

Fan Fiction - you can write stories inspired by your adventures in-game and share these on non-commercial third-party fan fiction sites like fanfiction.net or archiveofourown.org, provided you do not receive payment for them in return. If you intend to write a piece of fan fiction for a commercial site (such as Amazon, for example), for commercial publication in a physical form or as a paid-for commission for publication or commercial use, then you will need to run this by us first.

We hope this provides a clearer creative boundary that doesn't limit your personal writing projects with worries about wordcount! Thanks for all your feedback as always.

Downtime Notice
Select Worlds offline this Tuesday

Some Worlds - all of them UK based - will be offline this Tuesday for us to perform necessary maintenance that will keep our services running optimally.

The Worlds are expected to be offline for approximately three hours at 10:00 Game Time on Tuesday. A maintenance post will appear on RuneScape.com while this work is active so you can track if the Worlds are still down. The post will disappear when the Worlds have returned.

For a full list of Worlds, expand the box below.

Full List

Worlds Affected
11 16 23 24 25 36 53 56 63
67 68 71 80 82 83 84 88 92
118 120 121 122 124 134 135 136 138
139 176 177 178 179 180 181 182 183
184 185 205 215 216 217 218 219 260

Patch Notes
Fixes and improvements in this week's game update

Wilderness Flash Events

  • Iron accounts can now correctly open the rewards from Wilderness Flash Events.
  • Fixed a scaling issue for Wilderness Events that prevented encounters like King Black Dragon Rampage from ending by getting stuck on 0 health.
  • You can now teleport to the next Wilderness Flash Event from the event hosts (if you've completed the 'Far-Reaching and Wild-Ranging' achievement) up to 5 minutes before the start of the event.
  • The Sack of Very Wild Rewards obtained from the special Wilderness Events now drop the correct Black Dragon Egg.


  • Removed animation stalls from some items to prevent scams.
  • Blessed Hatchet can now be used to cut regular trees.
  • Fixed an issue where ranged ammo damage values were not lining up correctly when players used weapons with offset damage values (most notably Reprisers).
  • Fixed the flickering that occurred when casting the Animate Dead spell and entering the Wilderness.
  • Fixed animation stalling when casting the Animate Dead spell.
  • Fixed a bug that disabled the Ghost Hunter set bonus when four pieces were equipped.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Ghost Hunter set bonus from applying against Revenants if the player used ranged.
  • The Ghost Hunter set will also now correctly work against Revenant dummies at War's Retreat.
  • The Ghost Hunter set has been given a set effect tooltip.
  • The icons for Spiritual Healing, Disruption Shield and Vengeance Group were fixed.
  • Agility Course records will now be consistently displayed regardless of where they are viewed.
  • Clicking a Whirligig Scarab that's far away will no longer cause cause you to run around the oasis pool. The first Whirligig Scarab in a stack will now always succeed.
  • The side door of the Champions' Guild now requires at least 33 quest points to enter.
  • Removed a check that was preventing those who follow the path of Ironman mode from pointing their Vorago portals to the borehole.
  • Implemented the following adjustments at the request of players completing quests in timeline order:
    • Moved Blood Pact in the timeline sort between Cook's Assistant and The Restless Ghost, for an early intro to combat prior to the skeletal warlock.
    • Moved Recipe for Disaster in the timeline sort from Heroic to Legendary, so it's listed after its requirements (Legends' Quest, Monkey Madness and Desert Treasure).
    • Moved The Great Brain Robbery in the timelist sort from Heroic to Legendary and below Recipe for Disaster, as it requires Recipe for Disaster: Freeing Pirate Pete.
    • Reclassified Pieces of Hate's difficulty from Master to Grandmaster, as it requires multiple 80+ skills. This moves the pirate finale in the timeline sort from Legendary to Mythic, alongside the finales to the elf, dwarf and myreque series.
    • Reclassified Desert Slayer Dungeon (miniquest) difficulty from Intermediate to Master, as its skill requirements are in the 60-80 bracket. This moves it from Champion to Legendary.
  • The quest Sliske's Endgame will correctly state that skipping the fight will not reward the Agent of the Eldest override or a Prismatic Lamp.
  • Simplified the requirements of the Wandering Ga'al miniquest.
  • Thok's health bar is cleared after leaving the island part of Thok's saga during the Desperate Measures quest. It disappears when progressing through the saga or when leaving it with a dialogue option.
  • Velucia is now talking as she should to all levels of players.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented automatons from dropping their unique gloves if they were using their special attack.
  • Fixed an issue which caused an animation for the Iron-Fist Smithing override to appear inside the player rather than above the anvil being used.
  • The Witch outfit is now consistently unlocked when playing through the Witches Cauldron promotion, and any pieces of the outfit that were missed will now be unlocked upon logging in.
  • Let there be light! The festival and surrounding areas of the Dimension of Disaster are glowing so you can enjoy it in all its splendor!
  • Raven Terry and Samuel LeBaux have been removed.
  • Desert Pantheon Aura UI has been updated and opens in fullscreen mode now.
  • Fixed the Crafting icon displaying when hovering over Flax, instead of the Bag icon.
  • The Archaeology Research tutorial window disappears after the tutorial is done.
  • Fixed some Cape clipping issues with the Closures set, as well as giving the neck a more ghostly appearance.
  • An issue has been fixed where some leg gear was showing the incorrect preview image in Character Create.
  • The total amount of Oddments displayed when depositing some is now correctly formatted.
  • Players should no longer see World: Auto when logging into the lobby.
  • A typo in Kerapac The Bound's boss fight has been fixed.
  • A typo in a conversation with the Gnome Trainers has been fixed.
  • The typo in the 'Bats' Slayer assignment tips was corrected.
  • Helwyr has finally remembered how to spell his own name and will no longer refer to himself as Helywr going forward!
  • Removed some old-styled grass foliage from a farming patch in Varrock.
  • Hotfixed: the Voice of the Seren is now visible to the player again.


  • Battery and Wi-Fi indicators have been added to the Mobile UI.
  • Re-organised the graphical settings interface.
  • The description for terrain blending now mentions that it also toggles the ground textures setting.
  • XP Globes are now disabled on the Hefin Agility Course on mobile.
  • The gold highlight around the Prayer icon at the bottom of the screen disappears when prayers are off.
  • Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy buttons no longer redirect the player to Brazilian Portuguese sites on iPad devices if they were playing in English. Desculpe!
  • Made a fix so login webpages still open in-app, but Wiki pages still open out-of-app.

The latest goings-on from our community

Community Showcase

@ACPL took a wrong turn in Daemonheim and ended up in the backrooms. How liminal!

@ChaosArtRS with a incredibly ominous and spooky image of Death. He comes for us all...

@Glacyte has branched out from capes and is now designing cute in-game travel bags! Which one is your fave?

Scapers' Screenshots

Lockjaw looking like they are trying to solve a spooky mystery! Very seasonal...

Keslogger and the clan getting ready to smash some Glacors! Ice cold!

Elej and Lily out for a romantic walk with their cat. Us and who?

Pink Skirts Player Events

Each week the Pink Skirts put on a selection of fun activities that everyone can join. Here are the main events this week:

Corporeal Beast

  • Hosted by: Patrick K & Clackworthy
  • Date/Time: Monday October 24th, 19:00 Game Time
  • World: 123
  • Location: Corporeal Beast Lair
  • FC: Patrick K

Skill 'n' Chill

  • Hosted by: MadClikr & the Lil Tuzzies Clan
  • Date/Time: Monday October 24th, 23:00 Game Time
  • World: 85
  • Location: Burthorpe Bank
  • FC: Lil Tuzzies

Town Square Q&A

  • Hosted by: Princess Rae
  • Date/Time: Saturday October 29th, 23:00 Game Time
  • World: 3
  • Location: Varrock West Bank

If these don't take your fancy, take a look at the full events schedule here. There’s sure to be something you’ll enjoy!

Community Spotlight

Shining a little light onto community events and activities.


The wonderful folk over at ScreenieScape have organized some Halloween events and you're all invited! One to throw on your new Halloween cosmetics for....

- The RuneScape Team

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