Hop into the Blooming Burrow - This Week In RuneScape

Hop into the Blooming Burrow - This Week In RuneScape

Spring has arrived in Gielinor – hop on down to our new seasonal hub!

Blooming Burrows
New seasonal hub and Easter Bunny quest!

Spring is in the air, and chocolate is everywhere! It's time to embark on a whimsical adventure at RuneScape's new and beautifully blossoming Easter hub - the Blooming Burrow…

Within this serene land of plenty, the Easter Bunny has been catching up on his beauty sleep, leaving his nephews and nieces to work on all things egg related. But – uh-oh! He’s overslept, and now the bunnies need your help getting back on track!

Hop on down to the Blooming Burrow, your new seasonal hub, from March 18th until April 8th! Help Cocoa Bunny come up with some new chocolate flavours in the new seasonal quest, collect spring tokens from the different skilling activities around the burrow to earn themed rewards from the Grand Eggs-change, and try your hand at the Egg Hunts for more spring-tastic goodies.

Read all about the Blooming Burrow, and how you can get your hands on these smashing seasonal rewards here!

Treasure Hunter Calendar
What's up next?

Starts March 19th | Ends March 20th | Mysteria

Mysteria constantly rotates multiple versions of Treasure Hunter over the course of two days. This time around, jump on the Daily Reward track for a chance to get your hands on the exquisite Carmine Necromancer Outfit!

Starts March 21th | Ends March 25th | Rainbow Trail

Rainbow Trail makes a return! Earn Rainbow Dust and spend it on multipliers for even more chests! Also making its debut is the brand new Rainbow Dragonbreath override! As part of this improved VFX we have updated the Azure and Regular Dragonbreaths aswell, check them all out below.

Patch Notes
Fixes and Improvements in this week's game update


  • Zuks Igneous Rain will now display some particle effects to identify where the safe location to stand is.
    • We are continuing to work on a full solution to this issue with an upcoming Engine update

Blooming Burrows

  • The currency pouch has a new 'Seasonal' category.
  • Overhead emotes with multiple colour variants are now grouped together, with a right-click option to customise which emote to show.
    • This applies to the Santa Hat and Party Hat overhead emotes.
  • Some text has been updated in the book 'The Queen and the King'.
  • During Easter, penguins will now dress up as Easter eggs for the Penguin Hide and Seek D&D.
  • The Tree of Balance's appearance will now update seasonally.
  • During Easter, Lumbridge, Varrock and Falador will have seasonal decorations.


  • The Housing of Parliament is now listed as a 2024 quest.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in a player's mouth not showing properly when switching from male to female and vice versa.
  • When charging the Totem of Navigation it's now possible for up to 3 Temporal instabilities to spawn.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Bank preset preview window from loading when opened for the first time.
  • The last Bank preset will no longer load after requesting to trade with Fadli in Het's Oasis.

The latest updates from our community

Community Showcase

It's the year of the dragon and Seakara is celebrating with all their favourite dragons!
@Suizzy taking a quiet moment under the Zanaris night sky, a beautiful piece full of all manner of hidden penguins and objects!
u/Bucket_Cultist shows us just how things would have gone if Bandos would have been able to claim his champion.


@SilencedRS has been diving into how Ranged and Necromancy combat stack up after the recent combat updates.
@RatCypher sits down and chats with Mod Owly about his role in the stream team and more!

Scapers' Screenshots

0h Lily ♡ just soaking in some rays.
While they wait for Easter, Party has taken up ship watching in their off time.

Pink Skirts Player Events

Each week the Pink Skirts put on a selection of fun activities that everyone can join. Here are the main events this week:

Group Achievement Completion

  • Hosted by: Redwigon & Aarie
  • Date/Time: Saturday March 23rd, 18:00 Game Time
  • World: 46
  • Location: Varrock Square
  • FC: Mod Events

Vindicta & Gorvek

  • Hosted by: M e r c y & Helpscape
  • Date/Time: Sunday March 24th, 18:00 Game Time
  • World: 35
  • Location: Zaros lobby
  • FC: Helpscape

Skill n Chill

  • Hosted by: Princess Rae, Firesteal918 & Spirits of Arianwyn Clan
  • Date/Time: Monday March 18th, 02:00 Game Time
  • World: 116
  • Location: Fort Forinthry

If these don't take your fancy, take a look at the full events schedule here. There’s sure to be something you’ll enjoy!

Community Spotlight

One Small Adventure

The adventure continues over on the Official Discord – check out the #server-events channel to take part!

This week, the Ironman DG Chat combines forces with Archaeology to challenge you with Dungeoneering and Archaeology themed questions as you follow May on her journey!

Last week the challenge had been around your fashionable caving outfits and there we so many wonderful pieces

Ironman DG Chat

Ironman DG Chat is the one-stop Discord server for your ironman team-forming needs! Share DG tips, tricks, and achievements with fellow ironman players looking to play some group Dungeoneering. It's also a space to share Yak Cards for Meilyr recipes and to complete the Hard Mode achievement. Come join the community at this link: discord.gg/bd6Tpqvh9J

This week they will be hosting a week-long Spotlight Event – submit a screenshot of one solo floor of your choice with a 13% bonus room completion, and you'll be entered into a draw to win Bonds! Check out the Discord for the full rules and info on how to submit your screenshots.

- The RuneScape Team

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