Kuradal's Dungeon

Kuradal's Dungeon

Kuradal, daughter of Duradel, left Shilo Village to experience the fullness of combat and surpass her peers in the art of Slayer. Years later, she has settled somewhere she would call "comfortable" - the Ancient Cavern! Using only her raw power, she has rounded up various creatures of RuneScape and secured them in an off-shoot of the dungeon. Here, she'll offer her skills as a new slayer master, allowing exclusive access to the dungeon if you have something in there to kill.

Is there more to this slayer master and dungeon? Kuradal is a keeper of many secrets and she has one task she might offer you that's a little less conventional than other Slayer tasks...but that's for you to discover. As for the dungeon, who knows what the creatures have foraged from their new location?


  • To be assigned a task from Kuradal, you need 75 Slayer and 110 Combat.
  • 86 Agility is required for the low wall-climb shortcut
  • 90 Agility is required for the dungeon wall-run

Mod Chris L
RuneScape Content Developer

In other news...

The Contact NPC spell from the lunar spellbook has been reworked. You should see at least one new face and some extra functionality that you might find quite useful!

The Cryptic Clue Fest event has now been removed.

All fonts should now be back to normal.

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