Localised Clan Citadels

Are you enjoying the new citadel theatres? Have you, perhaps, been encountering some unfamiliar faces on your way to the Clan Camp portal? Until now, players of the Brazilian, French and German localised versions have had to visit English worlds to give their clans a home in the skies. Those who have started collecting resources and exploring the near-infinite customisation options of the citadel and battlefield, as well as those who dared venture into the spotlight in the new theatres, had to do this on English game worlds – until now!

Today marks the arrival of fully localised clan citadels in Brazilian Portuguese, French and German. Players who wish to experience their citadel in one of those languages will be able to migrate it over onto a localised world, and an option is now available to set the ‘home language’ for a citadel! Finally, you can explore all the details and intricacies your citadel has to offer in your own language.

Due to technical complexities pertaining to the localised worlds, global matches for the TzHaar Fight Pits and the Burthorpe Games Room were, so far, also unavailable in languages other than English. This changes today; Brazilian, French and German players can now search globally across all their localised worlds for fellow players to have matches with!

If you haven’t yet given your clan a floating home with lots of space for parties and meetings, plenty of customisable features, your very own battlefield editor, and not to mention a magnificent view, you should gather your clan mates to perform the ritual now – don’t miss out! If you’ve already been busy exploring, decorating and skilling, you should visit the clan theatre. Whether you want to stage dramatic re-enactments of RuneScape’s history, or have a goofy evening of improvisational comedy with your friends, the possibilities are endless.

The RuneScape Team

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