Mini Poll - Miscellaneous Improvements

Mini Poll - Miscellaneous Improvements
Your Feedback And Our Actions (July 19th)
Your Feedback Our Response
Amethyst Mining Spot

The proposed Stardust requirement wasn't thematically fitting to the Mining Guild. Some of you said that Unidentified Minerals was a better currency to use in this area.

The question could also have been split into two separate questions so that players could vote on its requirements separately.
We agree with your feedback, so we've made some changes (see below).

We've changed the original question so that you can vote on whether you'd like us to add it in the game. We've also added a new question so that you can vote separately on its requirements.

We'd like you to decide whether the Amethyst Mining Spot should be a Falador Elite Diary reward, or a Falador Hard Diary reward. The Falador Hard Diary reward would have an additional requirement of 200 Unidentified Minerals which would be given to Belona.

Although the Falador Elite Diary reward option seems thematically fitting, we are concerned about accessibility issues for the majority of players. The less accessible it will be, the more 'private' it will feel, which can be great for players who have met the Falador Elite Diary requirements but it would not solve the issue for other players who may need to obtain Amethyst Crystals.

For this reason, we'd like to leave it up to a vote to let the Community decide on the best option.
Looting Bag

Some players felt that the Looting Bag changes should be unpolled as part of the Wilderness changes.

As the question about utilising the Looting Bag within the Ferox Enclave is a non-issue for the majority of players that are not Ultimate Ironmen, there were concerns that the UIM-only question would become redundant as it relies on the previous question passing.
We'll be removing the question asking all players whether it should be possible to store items inside a Looting Bag when within Ferox Enclave. Instead, this change will be done as an unpolled change as part of the upcoming Wilderness changes.

The question pertaining to UIM-only will remain in the Mini Poll, allowing UIM to decide on whether they also want to benefit from this change or not.
Additional Changes

We've seen some complaints around Sourhogs tasks being frustrating and tedious. Since Combat Achievements is just around the corner, we have added a new question to see if you'd like us to make some changes!
We've added in Question #7 so check it out and let us know your feedback!

We’ve released some pretty long polls recently, so in the Guthixian spirit of balance we’re keeping it short this week with a mini poll!

The next big poll will mainly focus on PvP quality of life, but this mini poll is based around feedback we've received for recent changes to various aspects of the game. We've had lots of questions and comments about these issues, and the poll questions below will hopefully address those concerns. It's a marvellous miscellany!

First up – the Ash Sanctifier. When we originally polled this item, we didn’t make it clear whether completion of the Kourend & Kebos Diary would award you full Prayer experience for scattering ashes with it. So, let’s put this to the vote:

Question #1:

Should the Ash Sanctifier award players 100% Prayer XP upon completion of the Elite Kourend & Kebos Diary?

We’ve seen that the recent introduction of Amethyst Darts has caused an increase in demand for Amethyst crystals. Currently, the main way to obtain these Crystals is from the Mining Guild. As such, the current Amethyst Mining spots feel a bit crowded!

We propose adding an additional Amethyst Mining spot just North-West of the current one. Right now, there are 26 Amethyst veins within the Cave. The proposed expansion would introduce 36 more, which should free up more spaces for those willing to pay the price!

The newly proposed locations for Amethyst Mining spots within the Mining Guild (the design is not final).

Question #2:

Should we introduce an additional Amethyst Mining spot in the Mining Guild as pictured above?

As mentioned in our Changelog at the top of this Newspost, we'd like to give you two choices when the Poll goes live in-game on the requirement for unlocking this area:

  • A Falador Elite Diary Reward on its own.
  • A Falador Hard Diary Reward with an additional 200 Unidentified Minerals to be paid to Belona.

Once accessible, the area would be permanently open to all who have paid entry. When the Poll is live, you'll be able to vote on which option you prefer!

Question #3:

If Question #2 passes and the Amethyst Mining Spot is added to the game, should access be granted as a reward from the Falador Elite Diary, or the Falador Hard Diary? The Falador Hard Diary will still require an additional 200 Unidentified Minerals to gain access from Belona.

Some players may not need Enhanced Crystal Weapon Seeds after they’ve accumulated all of their Crystal weaponry, so they’re not a very satisfying reward. What if players could turn in unwanted Enhanced Crystal Weapon Seeds for Crystal Shards? One Enhanced Crystal Weapon Seed would have a trade-in value of 1,500 Crystal Shards.

Let us know if you like this idea, and we'll make it a reality!

Question #4:

Should it be possible to trade in duplicate Enhanced Crystal Weapon Seeds for Crystal Shards?

Next, we're looking at the Bow of Faerdhinen. We weren’t too sure on how the Ultimate community would feel about storing such a fearsome item within a STASH Unit. Although it is technically a Crystal Bow variant, it’s super powerful. What do you think?

Question #5:

(UIM ONLY) Should Ultimate Ironmen be able to store the Bow of Faerdhinen in a STASH unit, like main accounts can?

Let’s talk Looting Bags!

We recently discussed possible changes to the Wilderness, and one of our proposed tweaks was replacing all single-way combat areas in the Wilderness with the singles-plus format. This would mean that PvP always took priority in these areas, so if a player was in a fight with a monster, they can still be attacked by another player.

However, there's a common method UIMs use to fill their Looting Bags in low-level Wilderness that would be affected by these changes. Currently, Ultimate Iron players can 'box' a skeleton, putting them in combat with an NPC and preventing other players from attacking them. This then allows them to refill their Looting Bag. While we believe the Wilderness should maintain a healthy balance of risk vs reward (and preventing Ultimate Iron players from being able to 'box' a Skeleton would certainly increase the risk) we appreciate that this method has become an established strategy for many.

We'd like to avoid making exceptions to combat rules, so rather than making low-level areas of the Wilderness retain the current single-way combat format, we'd like to propose changing the rules of the Looting Bag itself. In future, it would be possible to store items inside it while stood within the Ferox Enclave. This change will be added unpolled for all players as part of the upcoming Wilderness changes project. However, we'd like for UIM players to decide if this change is something they can benefit from via a UIM-only poll question.

All other restrictions to the Looting Bag would remain the same.

Question #6:

(UIM ONLY) Should Ultimate Iron players also benefit from being able to store items inside a Looting Bag when within Ferox Enclave and the Wilderness?

Lastly, let's talk about Sourhogs. We know that they can be a frustrating task. They're often given in high quantites, with high health, in a single combat area. This is especially frustrating whilst Turael Skipping, where players might have to complete them very often hunting for a more enjoyable task. Since Combat Achievements are just around the corner, we'd like to reduce their quantity and weighting so that players don't feel like they need to avoid completing the "Porcine of Interest" Quest to have a good slayer list.

Currently, the amount of Sourhogs that a Slayer master can require you to kill on task can range anywhere between 35 Sourhogs and 50. That's quite a large gap! For this reason, we'd like to propose reducing this to quantity to 15-25 instead, making it a considerably less tedious activity if you get, well, unlucky.

We'd also like to decrease the weighting of the task (how likely you are to get the task in the first place). It's currently a task with a weighting of 8, and we propose reducing this to 6.

Question #7:

Should we reduce the Quantity & Weighting for Sourhog Slayer tasks as explained in the Blog post, from 35-50 Min-Max quantity & 8 weighting, to 15-25 Min-Max quantity & 6 weighting?

We'd love to hear your feedback so please let us know what you think via our official forums, our Steam Discussion Forums, on the 2007Scape Reddit, or the community-led OSRS Discord in the #gameupdate channel.

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