Prestige Poll Results

We polled, you answered!

Over 60% of you voted against the addition of the Prestige System to RuneScape. While it's clear that many of you want to see aspirational content and competition at the higher end of the game, Prestige isn't the form that you want to see it in. Mod Pips will be posting a more detailed breakdown of the voting soon, but the result is pretty clear. The Prestige System is not going into the game.

Update: Mod Pips has posted the detailed results in the Future Updates forum.

Personally, I’m pleased with this outcome. I’d much rather start from scratch than release something that doesn’t work for the players it’s supposed to please.

We’ve also had a lot of feedback from you all. Most of it was really constructive, such as "I would have voted for Prestige if..." or "I didn’t vote for Prestige because..." or even "Instead of Prestige, why not implement..." Thanks so much for this, and keep it coming. Even if you don’t see a JMod respond, that doesn’t mean we’re not taking note of it. Devs and players working together: this is what we meant by "Made by You".

So, what happens next?

We’re going to re-evaluate both our goals and our implementation in light of what you’ve told us. With your feedback at the fore, we're going to think of new ideas that meet your expectations and fit in with the way you want to play RuneScape. Whether we come up with a single system or a choice of multiple systems, we’ll work with you to decide what goes into the game. We’re definitely not abandoning the idea of aspirational content, but we want to make sure we do it in a way that you're happy with.

Mod Jack

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