Q&A Live Stream: RuneScape Lore

Sunday the 4th of November is the date for the next Live Stream Q&A and this time, RuneScape Lore is the subject under the spotlight.

Lead Designer Mod Mark and Senior Narrative Designer Mod Osborne are RuneScape's head lore makers and will be joined at 9pm GMT by the developers of your favourite content to answer your RuneScape lore questions.

So, if you want to know why Guthix is called Guthix, what's in store for Zamorak's followers in the coming years, or anything else about the land of Gielinor, this is the perfect opportunity to find out.

You can get involved live on the night through the magic of Twitter (#RSLIVE) or get your question in early by stopping by the live stream thread. As ever, we'll put the best and the most commonly asked questions to the guys throughout the stream.

So, whether you find yourself skilling or killing next week, open up another tab on your browser and join Mods Mark and Osborne, guest developers and myself on Sunday 4th November at 9pm GMTfor the next Q&A live stream on YouTube.com/runescape.

Paul M

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