RuneScape Clans Announcement

On Tuesday 12th April 2011, RuneScape’s clans will get the recognition that they are due. RuneScape clans will be available to the whole community and will give everyone access to some new and exciting features, all of which are designed to help keep you in touch with your friends, manage your clan and provide a platform for you to let your clan’s uniqueness shine through.

The Clan Camp will be the base of operations and will give clans a whole new level of control over setup, style and customisation. From the Clan Camp, you’ll sort your generals from your serfs using the clan rank system, give job titles to those under your command and announce your group’s raison d’etre. You’ll also have your own meeting area, where clan matters can be discussed or rival clan leaders can be invited to set terms for future battles – it’s up to you!

You’ll be able to show your clan’s personality through fully customisable emblems that will adorn your wieldable vexillum, which is a type of banner or standard, and flowing clan capes. In addition to all of that, each clan will have its own page on allowing fellow clan members to compare stats. There’ll also be a Clan Hiscores table allowing clan members to compare stats with allies, clan allegiances and, of course, your rivals and enemies. Add to that a clan event noticeboard and ranked Clan Wars battles and you’ll have the means to hook up with friends, wage war and stamp your clan’s personality on RuneScape forever.

All of these new features will be available from 12th April, so gather your friends, rally your troops and show us what you’re made of!

The RuneScape Team

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