Solomon’s General Store – Epic Resting Animations

Solomon’s General Store – Epic Resting Animations

Greetings, adventurer.

We all work hard in Gielinor and all of that questing and skilling can get us pretty worn out. You all deserve a little rest and recuperation, so why not do it in style?

This week I’ve got three different Epic Resting Animations on offer that’ll leave you looking cool as a cucumber!

Feeling a bit pale after a long weekend of adventure? Lay back with the Sinister Slumber animation and float on a cloud of darkness, arms crossed over your chest.

If you want to rest like a rock star, then Crowd Serf is the animation for you. Clap your hands to summon a group of goblins to hold you up while you get some well-earned rest.

Fancy reclining in style with accessories? For infinite cool points, the Armchair Warrior sees you settled in the armchair or all armchairs, complete with all the luxury items every tired ‘scaper needs: including drinks and snacks, plus a cooler and fan!

All three Epic Resting Animations are now available in my store, so please come and visit for a closer look. As always, you can get your hands on more RuneCoins by redeeming Bonds in-game, by clicking ‘Buy RuneCoins’ within my store, or by visiting our billing page directly.

Make sure to drop by and say hello in-game some time. You can find me just south of the Grand Exchange.

Until next time,


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