The Elemental Workshop III

The Elemental Workshop III

The Elemental Workshop below Seers' Village holds many secrets, long forgotten by the world above. Even as you read this, adventurers are scouring the world of RuneScape to find the means to pass through the body door, eager as they are to unlock more of this ancient forge’s mysteries.

Your efforts in the previous Elemental Workshop quest quite literally required a piece of your mind, but you’ll need it in a more typical, puzzle-solving capacity to get the contraption hidden behind the body door working again. Grasp the inner workings of this contraption, another of Vitruvius’s ingenious machines, and you will be able to show off your mental prowess with equipment made from the new body bar, and the ability to create body armour with elemental metals.

And for those adventurers who cannot master the puzzle, only insanity awaits...

Mod Dylan
RuneScape Content Developer


Seers' Village chapel.

Requirements to start The Elemental Workshop III:

Elemental Workshop II
Level 20 Mining
Level 33 Defence
Level 33 Smithing

In other news...

You can now right-click the 'Now playing' song to add it to your music playlist.

We've added three more areas where NPCs can now appear and offer to teleport you to the Fish Flingers D&D. These locations are Piscatoris, Shilo Village and Barbarian Village.

You can now choose the colour of your split chat. In the in-game options menu, click the Split Private Chat check box and select a colour.

We’ve overhauled a core part of our graphics engine to give it four times as much fidelity for modelling and animation; as a result you may notice that various aspects of the in-game graphics look smoother. Because this change has involved modifying many thousands of models and animations there’s a small chance certain combinations won’t look quite right. We encourage you to submit bug reports if you spot anything amiss. You may also find the game client takes slightly longer to update this week while it processes all the changes we’ve made.

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