Your Feedback Implemented!

Your Feedback Implemented (free players and members)

This week's all about your feedback. We've got our noses squarely to the grindstone, working on making RuneScape 3 the game you want and deserve, but today we've launched a batch of small tweaks and feedback changes with two things in common:

  • Each one was requested by you on our feedback forums.
  • Each one makes RuneScape just that bit better - and does so right away!

First among these is the expansion of the tool belt, which now has the capability to store hatchets and pickaxes all the way up to dragon level. You need no longer be without your trusty woodcutting or mining tools at any time - just right-click your best ones and select 'Add to tool belt'.

You can add any compatible tool to the belt, regardless of whether you have the level to use it. It'll act as the highest-level tool you can use until you meet its requirements. Remember, though, that once an item's on your tool belt, you can't take it off again. Be sure you want to keep those valuable tools first!

Here's a sample of the other tweaks we've made to RuneScape today:

  • Ashes from fires and bonfires now appear for the person who created the bonfire first.
  • TokHaar are now eligible targets when performing a Tzhaar slayer assignment for Kuradal.
  • Certain high-level slayer targets have been made tougher and more aggressive:
    • Aberrant spectres
    • Living Rock Caverns creatures
    • Mutated Jadinkos
    • Waterfiends
    • Dust devils
  • Brutal green dragons have been made worthy of their title!
  • Damage limitations against the Queen Black Dragon have been made slightly less severe, she's had her style-resistant forms rebalanced to work as intended, and hits as hard as she should.
  • Dragons are now vulnerable to bolts, rather than arrows.
  • Off-hand leaf-bladed swords can now drop form kurasks and turoths, and off-hand black weapons from a variety of sources.
  • The Seercull bow now has a chance to drain your target's Magic level on hit - as with its pre-EoC special attack.
  • Several of the newest basic abilities are now included in the rotation of the Momentum ability.
  • The Knockout Aura now has a more clearly defined effect - increasing hit chance on NPC targets with low life points. The amount improves depending on the aura's tier.
  • The Kalphite King's been rebalanced to make him more challenging. Many of his attacks and his summoned creatures are much more deadly - although it's also possible to deal more damage to him than before.
  • Upgrading your multicannon to either the gold or royale version increases its cannonball capacity to 60 or 90, respectively.
  • Grotworms - mature and ordinary - are now tougher and more effective at dealing damage.
  • It's now possible to toggle the Quest Journal interface icon that appears post-completion of the Combat Academy back to the Combat Academy icon.
  • The emotes filter will now remember which category is selected across log-in sessions.
  • If you die, leave a gravestone and then log out, you will now be prompted on log-in that your gravestone was on a different world. There'll also be an option to log into that world to check if your gravestone is still active. This message will appear twice per gravestone on logging in, and will appear for up to one hour after the gravestone has spawned.
  • You can chat to the Information Clerk in the Varrock Museum for prompts on what you can do to gain any remaining kudos.

The above are just some of the improvements we've made. You can view the rest in today's patch notes.

Huge thanks, as always, for your feedback. All we ask is that you keep it coming! We're eager to hear what you want out of RuneScape, so don't hesitate to drop us your ideas - no matter how big or small - on the feedback forums.

RuneScape's your game - help us to make it the best it can be!

Mod Avatar (tool belt), Mod Chris L and Mod Easty (other updates)

Behind the Scenes Video

Mod Avatar takes us through today's tool belt changes in our recent Behind the Scenes video:

In Other News

  • The limited edition Shadow Series of cosmetic overrides will be leaving Solomon's General Store at 23:59 GMT on Monday the 24th of June. Be sure to grab them while you have the chance!

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