Zamorak God Armour Marketplace Bundle - This Week In RuneScape

Zamorak God Armour Marketplace Bundle - This Week In RuneScape

Put your faith in the god of chaos with this epic new look!

Zamorak Armour Bundle
Kiteshields for everyone!

The Zamorak Armour Bundle arrives with today’s update, costing 630 RuneCoins - or 567 for Members!

It contains:

  • Replica Zamorak Armour
  • Reforged Zamorak Armour

Both versions contain a full set of armour:

  • Helm
  • Platebody
  • Platelegs
  • Plateskirt
  • Gauntlets
  • Sabatons
  • Kiteshield

With the release of this bundle we have gone back and added a Kiteshield to both the Saradomin and Gilded armours! If you already own these cosmetics, the shield will be unlocked right away, but if you're yet to get your hands on them you can pick them up in the Marketplace!

J-Mod Pride Parade
Stride with Pride!

Join us for a spectacular in-game Pride Parade on June 21st at 15:00 Game Time on World 25! Starting at the Grand Exchange in Varrock, we'll march together with the J-Mods in celebration of diversity and unity.

Join us over at Discord for a live stage and help us make this a parade to remember! Be sure to bring your most colourful outfit, and don't forget to grab your sharks from this year's Pride event.

Check out the route map below to see where we're going!

Quickstart Guide for RuneScape Kingdoms TTRPG
FREE on June 22nd!

Interested in RuneScape Kingdoms: The Roleplaying Game or already have a copy, but not sure where to start? On Saturday, June 22nd, as part of Free RPG Day you'll be able to pick up a FREE copy of the Quick Start Guide from participating stores. It's the ideal way to give RuneScape Kingdoms: the Roleplaying Game a go. Find your local participating store here.

The guide will include core rules for running an RuneScape Kingdoms adventure, a pre-written one shot campaign with suggested player profiles for the adventuring party, and (of course) the necessary bestiary! Embark on a thrilling adventure in the bustling city of Varrock, where a recent crime wave has cast a shadow over the once-lively streets. With King Roald yet to respond and put his people at ease, it's up to you and your friends to bring back the city's cheer and restore peace. Will you take on the challenge and be the heroes Varrock needs?

Your local store may be planning some RPG sessions you can join in with, or you could even volunteer to run one yourself with the help of the Quick Start Guide!

The full core rule book for RuneScape Kingdoms: The Roleplaying Game is also available at your local hobby gaming store, online, or direct from Steamforged Games and the official merch store.

Patch Notes
Fixes and Improvements in this Week's Game Update

Osseous 🦴

  • Fixed a typo in the Osseous Rex quest brief.

Pride 🏳‍🌈

  • The Flaming Sword Enchantment will no longer be displayed when the Shark Plushie override is applied.

Quest 🕵️‍♂️

  • Players will no longer die a non-safe death if they die at the same time as the Assassin in Murder on the Border.

Archaeology: Daemonheim 🖌️

  • Fixed minor environmental issues at Daemonheim.
  • Skeka's hypnowand:
    • Hunter's Will duration increased to 19.8 seconds from 10.2.
    • The chance to trigger 'Hunter's Will' has been increased to 5% from 2%.
  • Balarak's sash brush:
    • Chronal Focus duration increased to 30 seconds from 15 seconds.
  • Fixed a typo in the Aged Journal.
  • Renamed the pieces of Balarak's Sash Brush, Skeka's Hypnowand and fragment names of the Imcando Hatchet.
  • Sharrigan now correctly displays the dialogue option for Balarak's sash brush (damaged) when it is in the player's first inventory slot.
  • Lowered the requirements to screen Volcanic ash to 73 Archaeology to match the lowest level spot that Volcanic ash can be obtained from an excavation spot.
  • Players can now use Bladed dive with Balarak's sash brush and Skeka's hypnowand.

Graphical 🎨

  • Fixed an issue that caused Death's Swiftness and all of its cosmetic overrides to appear incorrectly.
  • Corrected some edge-case issues in which the toggle option wasn't correctly updating keepsaked augmented equipment overrides.
  • Changed the blue crystal back on top of the walls of Prifddinas back to white.
  • Aura overrides should now appear whenever the Ranger Roll, Hall of Fame, Wraith, Enforcer and Running Scared walk animation overrides are active.

General 🔧

  • Activating pet emotes is now less click-intensive.
  • The Partyhat overhead emote has been renamed to Green Partyhat.
    • Customising overhead emotes that have multiple variants will now state the current active variant name in the customise screen.
  • Fixed a bug where the onboarding popup for 'Accidental' Fletching and Firemaking 'accidentally' displayed at a narrower interface width than intended.
  • Broadcasts for rare items will now more consistently display for players using lootshare.
  • Fixed an issue with the 'Show rewards' button disappearing in the Fremennik Sagas selection window.
  • Players can now consistently teleport to Philipe Carnillean with the relevant Clue Scroll and Globetrotter Jacket.
  • A blocking tile in Senntisten has been fixed.
  • Players who have Pernix Armour pieces Keepsaked will now have their Retro counterparts unlocked as overrides in the wardrobe.

Treasure Hunter Calendar
What's up next?

Starts June 18th| Ends June 19th| Genie's Wishes

Be careful what you wish for... you might just get it! Find Karima in your chest to make your wish come true – or enhance your next wish for even greater rewards!

Starts June 20th | Ends June 24th | Raising Rituals

Grab the candles and ink - it's time for some Raising Rituals! In this new promotion you will complete rituals for a variety of necromancy themed goodies!

Imp soul in a box - The imp's soul trapped in this box will aid with one alteration ritual glyph during your next ritual in exchange for their freedom.

Token of the lost - The souls trapped in these tokens will protect glyphs and light sources from decaying for one ritual each.

Unfinished Business (sealed) - These sealed last requests left behind by a necromancer will task you with completing rituals in exchange for extra experience upon completing the request! You get bonus progress for completing the specific type or ritual requested.

Lost Keepsakes - Items with a connection to something which was lost, these can be used in a new ritual at 25/95 Necromancy to earn experience and ectoplasm like a regular rituals but also some retrieved lost items which can include things like necromancy supplies or a chance at the elusive Soul Dye!

The latest updates from our community

Community Showcase

@RsElej and Imposing Door are #friendgoals
The God Wars might be over but Rallis making great art of them is far from over.

Scapers' Screenshots

Kleptomamma had a bit of an odd run in with KBD in the ruins of Daemonheim.
Kawick has been making a splash down at old tutorial island.

Pink Skirts Player Events

Each week the Pink Skirts put on a selection of fun activities that everyone can join. Here are the main events this week:

  • Hosted By: Pippyspot and Boss Guild
  • Date/Time: Sunday June 23rd, 20:00 Gametime
  • Location: Rex Matriarchs Lair
  • World: 88
  • FC: Boss Guild
    • Hosted By: Patrick K and Clackworthy
    • Date/Time: Monday June 17th, 19:00 Gametime
    • Location: Corporeal Beast Lair
    • World: 123
    • FC: Patrick K
    • Hosted By: M e r c y and Helpscape
    • Date/Time: Sunday June 23rd, 15:00 Gametime
    • Location: Armadyl Lobby
    • World: 35
    • FC: Helpscape

    If these don't take your fancy, take a look at the full events schedule here. There’s sure to be something you’ll enjoy!

    Community Spotlight


    PvPlatform is for all players that are interested in safe PvP/Minigames. They host a wide variety of combat PvP events each month and will be running the following events this week. Check out their Discord or the FC: PvPlatform

    Castle Wars World 25 Tuesday, June 18th @ 20:00 Game Time

    F2P Full Bronze Battle World 34 Thursday, June 20th @18:00 Game Time

    Purple Portal World 74 Saturday, June 22nd @ 22:00 Game Time

    Soul Wars World 45 Sunday, June 23rd @ 20:00 Game Time

    - The RuneScape Team

    Mods Astar, Azanna, Bakzinga, Balkan, Bam, Blkwitch, Boko, Brat, Breezy, Brig, Camel, Chaose, Dark, Daze, Desert, Doom, Dorn, Dragon, Drew, Drewid, Easty, Echo, Fallen, Forza, Fowl, Fox, Frosch, Grace, Helen, Hooli, Ink, Jack, Keyser, Kitsune, Kristy, Luma, Lunatear, Lykos, Lynx, MIC, Mickey, Morty, Muse, Nemo, Neong, Nixon, Noms, Pearce, Pebble, Phoenix, Pigeon, Rain, Ramen, Rowley Ryan, Samy, Sakura, Shrew, Shrike, Skyefall, Soul, Sponge, Spyro, Stead, Stu, Sukotto, Taelae, Tiger, Timbo, Titus, Toebeans, Tri, Vegard, Volta, Who, Wov, Yuey & Zura

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