Game-world locations renamed

We have renamed our game-world locations today to better reflect the area they cover.

The way the Internet works, the physical distance to a game-world is not always the best indication of how a good a connection you will get to it. This is because some Internet routes are higher capacity than others and sometimes the route your data takes isn't what you expect and it goes via somewhere more distant first! What all this means is even if there is a game-world in the same city as you, in some cases a city a little further away can actually give less lag!

Therefore naming our game-worlds with exact city names is misleading as it makes exact location seem more important than it really is. We have therefore relabelled our game-world locations to give better visibility on which are best for you to choose from.

The numbers after each location are to distinguish between different facilities in the same area of the world. If one particular facility is causing lag for you it's easy to see which ones you could try instead.

We have also moved some of our game-worlds to Finland to improve our European coverage. There are still the same number of free and members only worlds as before.

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