Send Us Your Specs 2009

Back in May 2008, we asked players to send us their computer's system specifications. The information that we gathered from this proved to be very helpful, so we'd like to repeat the process again this year.

If you'd like to send us your computer's specs, please visit this link and log in to begin. You will be guided through an agreement page to make sure that you understand what is required, and the process does not take long, so you should be back to RuneScape in no time.

The applet is completely secure and official. We can guarantee that your information will only be used by Jagex to develop future games and improve RuneScape. It will not be shared with any other organisations.

Once you have downloaded and used the program it will tell us the following things about your computer:

  • Your operating system
  • Your graphics card
  • Your CPU
  • Your Java version
  • Relevant graphical drivers

When we've gathered together all of this information, we can begin planning RuneScape improvements and our future projects to work within these specifications. This means that very few people will miss out on any such future updates.

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