Archaeology launch date unearthed! - March 30th!

It’s been a long excavation since Archaeology was first spotted among the soil of RuneFest, but RuneScape’s newest skill is finally ready to be liberated from its subterranean tomb.

We’re delighted to say that Archaeology will arrive in RuneScape on March 30th!

In Archaeology you’ll use your mattock and your wits to solve some of the biggest mysteries of Gielinor’s past. You’ll excavate strange artefacts, restore them, and gain their powers. You’ll rediscover the art of ancient Summoning, reinvent bygone technologies – and ultimately earn the right to call yourself an Archaeology Master.

Archaeology is absolutely rammed with content – it’s a Gathering and Manufacturing skill, it has six large explorable areas, and it’s bursting with rewards that offer significant gameplay benefits. And we have big plans for post-release support and updates for it throughout the year.

But it goes beyond simply the skill, the treasures and the new locations – far greater mysteries still await discovery. Catch up on the illuminating adventures of Guildmaster Tony who has been documenting his journey to lift the secretive veil surrounding the soaring StormGuard Citadel, the fiery Warforge!, the forgotten fort of Kharid-et and the haunting Everlight. And keep an eye out for his final journal, which will delve into the dusty cellars of the Infernal Source.

We’ve got lots more to share with you over the coming weeks, so gather your hat, your mattock and your sturdiest boots – there's turbulence on the horizon…

The RuneScape Team

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